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Permanent lip color allows for the look of full, lined, and colored lips with perfect shaping and contour. This service will allow you to wake up and head out the door without the tedious process of doing your own lip liner and lipstick every day.

The various permanent lip tinting techniques including choosing the shade, contour, and shape of your lips is done by A Touch of Color Makeup and Hair Studio salon owner Sharyn Scully. We have an array of beautiful colors in studio, and will pick a shade for you based on your skin tone and personal preference.

Lip tinting is a very natural look, like a water colored lip. Lip tinting will fade by 50% within the first few weeks, leaving you with a completely natural, beautiful tint of color, done via a sterile pen needle machine. This service strengthens the vermillion border of your lips and allows for a look similar to lip liner.

"I love my permanent makeup - first
I got the eyeliner then the micro blading -
so beautiful and natural. I highly recommend Sharyn and A Touch of Color!"

-Kathleen T.

permanent lip tinting

There are a few different styles to meet your expectations.
Take a look at what each different lip technique includes:

Ombre lips $650

Gives a soft fade of color intensity to allow your lips to look plump and full

Lipstick lips $650

Get the look of a fresh coat of lipstick, without applying it! This technique creates a solid layer of color similar to a lipstick application.

lip line only • $400
Lip BluSH • $700


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I can't say enough good things about the variety of services offered at A Touch of Color Makeup and Hair Studio. When I did my makeup trial and on my wedding day- I felt the most beautiful I have ever felt. My friends and family have also been pampered by Sharyn and her amazing team on their big day and can't say enough good things about the service and care they received. The style and energy they offer their customers is top notch. I still enjoy going for a cut and color at the studio now 14 years later- they have so much to offer! I highly recommend them - never disappointed.

- Suzanne Z.

"i felt the most beautiful i have ever felt!"

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