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Welcome to my passion! If you are looking for the most natural permanent make up, you have found your girl! I have taken 35 years of experience in working with men and women and made all of my pmu services custom to you! I provide exceptional service to my guests by constantly continuing my education to provide your service with excellence. When I decided to get into permanent make up I did not take that decision lightly. As makeup artist/Aesthetician I have the perfect background to provide you with the best possible service while knowing the structure of the face and proper coloring for your features. I use the best products on the market to ensure your safety and promote easy healing. I always want you to feel comfortable, listened to and guided through this experience so you know exactly what to expect.. I know when my guests come in, it’s common and normal to feel a bit anxious. Rest assured your comfort is first and foremost priority. Nothing will be a surprise! I do specialize in a very natural look..however will explain differences in technique to make sure you chose the best service that suits you. I always welcome any questions prior to coming to see me so please don’t hesitate to reach out. I look forward to meeting you!

A personal note from Shary!

Nanoblading is a semipermanent cosmetic tattoo procedure similar to microblading. Nanoblading, or nano brow procedures, use a tattoo gun to create natural-looking eyebrows. There’s a difference between nanobladed and microbladed eyebrows, and each procedure is good for different things.


nanoBLADING with shary • $650
(INCLUDES 6 week touchup)

nanoSHADING with shary • $650

Nanoblading + NANOSHADING combo • $750


- Natalia

"I used to have eyebrows so light & thin you really couldn’t see them. Now I have beautiful eyebrows thanks to Shary. Getting microblading/shading on my brows has done wonders for my confidence. I used to never go out without makeup on because I was embarrassed of how I looked without eyebrows but I am so grateful to say that I no longer have to worry about that! To wake up with these gorgeous brows is the best feeling ever. I never thought I was pretty without makeup until now. I am forever so thankful for the wonderful work Shary did & will happily come back for years to come. And besides her talent, she’s also so kind & welcoming. She really cares about making sure that you’re comfortable & happy. Such a great experience."



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Nanoshading combines both Nanoblading and Shading. Nanoblading is similar to Microblading however, instead of using the typical blade, we are using a single needle to create hair-like strokes.

nanoblading + Shading Combination

A combination of both nanoblading and shading together to form a gorgeous ombre affect. Full, gorgeous and a perfect framing for any eyeshape.

Microblading can be done by a small cluster of needles or a machine nanoneedle to etch in hairlike strokes giving you back symmetry, balance and color. Many factors determine the device that is chosen for each persons personal needs. Great for anyone who wants a more natural look and may have a few gaps.


microblading with shary • $550
(INCLUDES 6 week touchup)

MICROBLADING with shary • $550

MICROBLADING + microSHADING combo • $700




Microshading is more of a makeup look as if pomade or powder has been added to the eyes for definition. This look is a bit more defined and one dimensional. Microshading is created by a special cluster of needles or a nanoneedle is used with a gradient stroking with machine.

microblading + Shading Combination

A combination of both microblading and shading together to form a gorgeous ombre affect. Full, gorgeous and a perfect framing for any eyeshape.

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- Shannon H.

My experience was amazing, I have been going to Jess for about a year now for my eyebrow tinting and waxing, I will never go anywhere else. I’m naturally a strawberry blonde so matching up my eyebrows have always been a struggle to find someone that matches it perfectly. 10/10 go to Jess for your eyebrow & make up needs !!!!

microblading faq

Microblading is a method of implementing 3D hairstrokes into the epidermis of the skin to create fullness, add dimension, repair a scar, and add hair to the head or tail of the brow. A sterile tool or machine needle is used in doing so with pigment. Microblading is a permanent technique that will fade over the course of 12 to 18 months and will require touch ups to keep it looking strong and crisp. Touch ups extend the life of microblading. My goal is to always achieve a very natural timeless look that is customized to your specific coloring and brow bone structure. I always welcome pictures of inspiration and I will always offer you my professional guidance.

What is microblading?

Microblading with machine vs. blade

Every skin type is different and I offer two techniques that I am trained in. Depending on
many different questions asked, we will decide upon consulting prior to your procedure.
Both techniques create very similar looks and outcomes.

Who can have permanent makeup?

It is paramount prior to your appointment to have all of preliminary intake form filled out in completion to ensure we can properly go over all questions. You will be asked to answer a series of questions and will know exactly what to expect. If anything stands out, we ask that you ask questions prior to coming in for your appointment. Should you not be prepared for your appointment by reading and signing all paperwork and we need to reschedule your appointment a service fee of $50 for a missed appointment may occur. Your health is our number one concern. Always feel free to call us with any questions, 203-925-0008.

Do I need to take time off to heal?

Absolutely not! Although you may be a little red and feel a little sunburning sensation, there is no down time necessary for this procedure. Be prepared for the color intensity to be significantly sharper and darker immediately after the procedure. This will subside and become softer as the skin heals. This process can take up to 14 days however the full 6 weeks is needed to heal.

Who is microblading not good for?

1. If you are pregnant or nursing -If you are using accutane, retinols, or any skin peeling acids.
2. If you have received botox within 3 to 4 weeks of the microblading.
3. If you are vacationing, microblading should be done afterwards when you are not sun exposed, sweating, or swimming.
4. If you are prone to keloids.

Can I wear foundation after my microblading?

You can still wear makeup on other areas of your face, but none should be worn on the eyebrows in order to promote optimal recovery. ... Ideally, you should avoid wearing makeup and follow the other aftercare instructions provided to you by your microblading technician for at least 14 days after your procedure. At A Touch Of Color Makeup and Hair we offer varieties of permanent makeup and semi permanent makeup services such as, microblading eyebrows, eyeliner, lips and PMU corrections. We want to offer you the most natural looks with state of the art techniques. In the world of beauty and permanent makeup, the most natural and timeless beauty enhancement is essential!

What does my appointment include?

Your appointment will include a thorough consultation with preliminary paperwork filled out prior to your appointment. Your first session will last two hours. During this time Shary will map our your brows based on bone structure, coloring and lifestyle. In 6 weeks you will return once you are completely healed, for a perfecting touch up. During your touch up, we will add strokes, depth, and shading if you wish for a more bold look. At A Touch Of Color Makeup and Hair, we ensure the highest quality of services in a very warm and comfortable and clean atmosphere.

 I was really hesitant about getting PMU (permanent makeup) and did a lot of research of artists in the CT area. The name that kept coming up with rave reviews was Sharyn Scully from A Touch of Color Makeup and Hair Studio in Shelton, CT and I have to agree. Not only was the shop amazing, so was Sharyn! She took the time to explain the PMU process in detail and provided her expert opinion on the colors to use on my eyebrows and top and bottom eyelids for the permanent eyeliner liner based on hers years of experience as a makeup artist. Before the process began, she made sure I was properly numbed, comfortable and that all safety precautions were in place including showing me the unopened sterilized needles and equipment to be used. Then she mapped out my brow and eyeliner shapes for my approval before proceeding with the process. I can truly say I love my PMU and can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner. If you are thinking of getting it done, don’t wait, and if you do decide to go for it, get it done by Sharyn Scully. She won’t disappoint!

- Dina G.

"Not only was the shop amazing, so was sharyn!"

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