Permanent Lip Color

Get ready for our permanent lip color service! At A Touch of Color, we are now offering permanent lip color! Permanent color allows the shape of your lips to be corrected through many different techniques with organic pigment.

Techniques include: pixilated lips with our pen device, lipstick lips with device, ombre lips, and aquarelle lips.

Permanent lip color allows for the look of full, lined, and colored lips with perfect shaping and contour. This service will allow you to wake up and head out the door without the tedious process of doing your own liner and lipstick.

These various techniques shade, contour, and shape your lips, all with the best color for your skin tone, chosen by Shary.

Take a look at what each different lip technique includes…

-Ombre lips- gives a soft fade of color intensity to allow your lips to look plump and full.

-Aquarelle lips- another option that gives a blushing look to the lips with a layer of color.

– Pixilated lips- a soft look created with a light layer of color, without the look of a bold, solid lip.

-Lipstick lips- Get the look of a fresh coat of lipstick, without applying it! This technique creates a solid layer of color similar to a lipstick application.

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