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A Note About Permanent Eyebrows From Shary


Hello beautiful and welcome! If you are reading this, I know you have an interest in permanent eyebrows! Chances are you have been thinking about taking the leap or may even be a little anxious about it. Let me reassure you, I didn’t take it lightly when I got into permanent makeup.

After doing traditional and airbrush makeup for 30 years and teaching countless artists, people would ask me, “Why not do permanent makeup?” My response was always that I have seen trends come and go and when its temporary its okay, but permanent is another story.

Eventually, I sought out one of the country’s best masters to train with.  Her craft was natural and it was exactly what I was looking for – to be able to give women back what they originally had or would like to have. I specialize in a timeless, natural look that will never go out of style! Look at my work to see what I mean.

My makeup studio is the first in Shelton, CT and Fairfield County to offer permanent makeup services including permanent eyebrows. I have also been microbladed by my master so I have experienced all of the same feelings you have. Now that I have taken the leap, I have to say that I have zero regrets and never realized how beautiful the right shaped eyebrow can enhance my face – not to mention save time in the morning without worrying about smudging and running. I wake up looking balanced and refreshed with no effort.

Whether you are on the fence or know that you would like to have permanent makeup done, please come visit me for a complimentary consultation. No obligation. First, preliminary paperwork is needed so please contact us so that we can make sure you fit all of the criteria for permanent makeup.


I can’t wait to meet you and create your new brows, eyeliner or lips!



Shary Scully is one of the most sought after permanent makeup artists in Connecticut and Fairfield/New Haven Counties.  Her close attention to detail and over 30 years of expertise in color matching makes her craft that much more in demand.  A Touch of Color Makeup and Hair Studio is the first in Shelton, Connecticut to offer permanent makeup.  Sharyn is meticulous with her sanitation and is tattoo licensed by the State of Connecticut as well as the local health department. A precision app is used to make sure every millimeter is even. Each person is well educated and walked through step by step so you are a big part of the permanent eyebrows process.


Microblading can be done by a small cluster of needles or a machine nanoneedle to etch in hairlike strokes giving you back symmetry, balance and color. Many factors determine the device that is chosen for each persons personal needs. Great for anyone who wants a more natural look and may have a few gaps.


includes 6 week touch up


Microshading is more of a makeup look as if pomade or powder has been added to the eyes for definition.  This look is a bit more defined and one dimensional. Microshading is created by a special cluster of needles or a nanoneedle is used with a gradient stroking with machine.


includes 6 week touch up

Microblading and Shading Combination

A combination of both microblading and shading together to form a gorgeous ombre affect.  Full, gorgeous and a perfect framing for any eyeshape

Microblading and Shading Combination

includes 6 week touch up



for Henna and shaping

Are you thinking about booking an appointment for permanent eyebrows? This is a great way to try the look before you book!


Our professional range of Elleebana Brow Henna consist of 7 highly pigmented, luxurious colors, perfect for each skin type and tone. However, it is easy enough to mix a customized brow color for your client to create true brow magic.

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