New at Touch of Color: Permanent Lip Tinting and Eyeliner

New for 2019… A Touch of Color is introducing permanent lip tinting and permanent eyeliner!

Do you wish waking up and getting ready was a breeze? Don’t you want to wake up and head out the door without the annoying 30 minute makeup routine? For this upcoming year, you may want to consider permanent eyeliner and lip tinting!

Come into the studio for a session, and leave being able to skip the tedious eyeliner and lipstick application every morning. 

With permanent makeup, the pigment used will create a natural look that is perfect for you, along with full lips and soft eyeliner that frames your eyes without a harsh line. The natural looking eyeliner, matched with the full-lipped look that permanent lip color gives, will allow you to cut down time on your makeup routine in the morning. 

Touchups for these services are yearly in order to maintain the saturation of color.

Permanent lip tinting and eyeliner will be available this coming year, done by Shary at A Touch of Color. Contact Shary at (203) 520-0310 or email at  to inquire about these new services, and get ready for the excitement of permanent makeup!

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