Microblading vs Microshading vs Microfeathering

Microblading, microshading, microfeathering, what does it all mean?

We hear it all the time in our studio: “My eyebrows are almost nonexistent!” What happened? With age, many times we lose hair especially in our eyebrows. Our bodies change over time. In addition, several medical issues such as alopecia, thyroid disease, cancer or hormone imbalances can cause the hair on our brows to be sparse too. Luckily, there are some wonderful options in the world of permanent makeup to choose from. Let’s take a peek at all three!

Microblading is a technique where hairlike strokes are implanted under the skin with a pigmentation to create hairlike strokes. This technique is created with a fine handheld tool. The effects are very natural looking. Microblading is great for someone who would like to start out super natural and fill in sparse areas.

Microshading is great for someone who would like a little more of a solid, filled in look. This technique places tiny dots of pigment into and in between the hairs to fill in creating a bit more of a makeup look. This is great for someone with sensitive skin or oily skin types.

Microfeathering  is also a very natural more freehand technique to create a more fully and wispy look to the brow.

So which one is right for you? We can help you figure that out! Give the brow beauty experts at A Touch of Color a call or contact us online to schedule your consultation and get on your way to achieving perfect eyebrows.

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