Microblading and Microshading

Ready for a change for your brows? Look no further!

Get ready for a big brow transformation with microshading or microblading! Not sure if Microblading or Microshading is right for you? Microblading or shading helps restore your brows from overtweezing, aging, cancer effects, thyroid issues, or just fading with age. It is a great way to frame the eyes and build up your natural color, while adding a natural look.

At A Touch of Color we offer microshading for that powdery full effect, so you can get up and go without the hassle of grooming your brows. Microblading gives you the look of real hair to fill your brows with natural, realistic strokes that help sparse brows.

Check out our before and after photos and come in for a complimentary consultation with Shary to help you get started with your new brow transformation!

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