What Is The Difference Between Classic and Russian Eyelash Extensions?

Classic lashes VS Volume lashes

Classic lashes are synthetic lashes that are placed on one natural lash to create a

beautiful, natural set of lash extensions. The lash extensions come in various lengths,

thicknesses,curvatures, colors and fibers to suite your natural lash and eye shape. Many

looks can be achieved by incorporating patterns for different looks such as winged Cat

Eye look, Natural look, or a variegated length look. The lash artist will measure and

access the natural lash and determine the size of extension that is safe for each

individual. The extensions are applied one millimeter to the base of your lash with surgical

grade to achieve the safest protocols possible. After a full 24 hours of drying time, the

glue will cure on the new set and normal routines can resume. The classic lash care

instructions need to be followed to ensure the life of the lashes in between fills.

Volume Lashes

Volume lashes are achieved by creating fans of lashes with fine synthetic lashes. A fan

can consist of 2 -6 lashes per each fan then applied to an individual natural lash. The fans

are made with fine lashes to c create a voluminous effect. This technique allows for more

lashes per natural lash with using less weight because the synthetic lash is very fine. This

process is very involved but will allow the most voluminous effect for individual that are

looking for a dramatic look and for those who have gaps in their natural lashes or few

rows. Clients can go longer in between fills because the fans are so light allowing for

longer life. The volume lash care instructions need to be followed to ensure the life go the

lashes in between fills.


Both lashes are beautiful and we are happy to help you chose the right one for  you! Call 203-925-0008 or book on line for your new lashes!

This is an example of Classic Lashes Wispy, Flirty and Fun

This is an example of Volume Lashes. Luxurious, Full and Gorgeous!!

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