A Stress Free Wedding Day~ The Importance Of A Pretrial

A Stress Free Wedding Day – The Importance of a Pretrial


As a new bride, there are a lot of details that need to be worked out before you walk down the aisle. When it comes to your look – the dress, the shoes, the jewelry, and the hair and makeup have to be just right.  When deciding to get your makeup and hair professionally styled, a pretrial is a must have.  Pictures on Pinterest or The Knot might inspire you for a certain look, but trying out these ideas ahead of time will insure you look exactly the way that’s right for you.  Can you imagine trying on a wedding dress the day of your wedding without slipping it on ahead of time!  Hair and makeup are no different!

Doing a pretrial also lets you live in the look for a day, allowing you to see how long the makeup wears throughout the day. We recommend to book your pretrial on a day that you are going out and if possible dance the night away as you would on your wedding night. When you visit us for your pretrial expect to spend at least an hour with us so we can go over all the details of your big day such as colors, themes and dress style so we can create a perfect look to capture your vision. Once we have applied your make up and styled your hair to your loving then we record all the details we have done. We also go over our arrival time and location where we will be to have all details settled before the big day. If after your make up and hair is done and you decide on a tweek or two we encourage you to reach out to let us know before the actual day. We want to make sure your day is a stress free as possible! It’s better to make these decisions ahead of time so changes and adjustments can be make with no surprises.

Taking the time to meet your stylists is a great way to talk more about the schedule of your wedding and also to determine the logistics surrounding your bridal party and others that may also be getting services done. A prepared bride is a happy bride!


At A Touch of Color, our pretrials are 1 hour and allow you to try out the one look you think will be “the one”. We are able to schedule time for trying out other looks, but know that we work on an hourly basis and must charge accordingly.


Booking your pretrial well in advance is recommendedheatherrrr as the season fills up quickly and popular dates are reserved on a first come basis. On the day of the pretrial, we recommend that you come with your face freshly cleansed, toned and moisturized to make sure the PH balance of your skin is at its best.  Please wear something white or as close to the color of your gown as possible.  Bring your inspiration pictures and we can go through and see what looks and colors will match up with your features the best.  Feel free to bring any swatches as well.

Think of your pretrial as a fun way to pamper yourself and to be confident about wearing your beautiful bridal look. Maybe you can even convince your husband-to-be to join you later for a date night so he can fall in love all over again with gorgeous you!  Call 203-929-6024 or email makeupbyss@gmail.com to schedule an appointment!

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